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Resist Distraction.

Welcome! / Bienvenue !
¡Bienvenides! / Welkom!

WIPs (including link to my new online portfolio!)

Good evening beautiful people! I've renamed and/or simplified the names of some those same navbar items mentioned below, and I've instead chosen to arrange them as links along the top of the page (still excluding the versions of this website in other languages)! As before, I'll be sure to make posts for any major updates in the future!

Wishing y'all warmth & love <3

-20 apr. 2021 22h32


A work in progress!

Hello once again! They will ALL be WIPs for a little while, but I have now organised the items mentioned below into a side navbar (other than the versions of this website in other languages)! I will continue to work on inputting URLs/files & create posts for any significant updates in the future :)

Thanks again for the patience!
Expansivity prevails <3

-03 mar. 2021 21h15


Coming very soon:

Cultural/Creative/Developmental Resource Directory; An archive of my zines (with PDF downloads), essays, & poetry; An archive of my visual art & photography; Physical art & zines for sale; My CV; An 'about me'/bio section; An archive of my music; A personally curated list of art/music; Versions of this website and exclusive content in: French (français), Spanish (español/castellane), and Dutch (Nederlands)

Thank you for the patience!
Much love <3

-14 jan. 2021 14h20